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Health Tips from The Sonic Self

The Sonic Self is all about bringing you the best health tips and getting you all set up with leading the best life possible.


We are here for you to provide you with all the support you need. Here are three quick tips to get you started:

1. Diet. Make sure you get a wide variety of nutrients. One key mistake that people make with diet is that they count calories. Calories aren’t the problem, it’s the type of calories that you need to watch out for. Make sure you consume protein, nutrients and fat, yes that’s right I said fat. Fat is actually good for you and is not the problem, it’s actually necessary and is good for your brain. It’s sugar and excess carbs that are the main suspects of fat gain for most people.

2. Exercise. Stop rolling your eyes, I know this is cliche but be sure to focus on regular exercise with weights, even doing body weight exercises will help. Doing cardio helps but not as much as you might think it does. It’s amazing how a few kettlebell sessions a week can change your life.


3. Relationships. Yes relationships. Bad relationships can kill your health leading to depression, anxiety, weight gain and in extreme cases bad heart health. How you are in your relationships is a major contributor to your health.